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SharpTeaching's Brian Parker is an educational consultant that problem solves through observation, accurate data gathering and the application of simple tools and teaching approaches. The aim is to give you a teaching 'gem' that you can easily adopt into your teaching, behaviour management or guided reading toolbox.

About Me

Guided reading group in a Shanghai School

My Background

Since graduating in Fine Arts and teacher training Brian has trained and taught in Primary, Secondary and ESOL environments around the world.   He has been working as an educational consultant for the past 10 years and largely focused on Guided Reading and Reading Programs. 

He formally trained beginning teachers of primary and secondary at the New Zealand Graduate School of Education in Christchurch before beginning his own business that focused on training teachers using video and online integration systems.  At the Graduate School he worked with Hilton Ayrey and together they formed what is now SharpReading.  They built an online training platform and a number of all day workshops that give teachers guided reading routines to manage reading from beginners right through to advanced readers.  Their education consultant work has meant they have run hundreds of workshops and supported 1000s teachers all around New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and parts of China. 

Recent Experience - last 2 years

  • Review of Secondary English Department. Advised on teacher training and how to better transition students from primary into secondary. - Tasmania
  • Behaviour Management assessment and up skill of whole school through teacher training - Queensland NCC
  • Keynote Speaker - Southland Literacy Symposium
  • Whole School Guided Reading Training and educational consultant in numerous local and international schools eg. AISHK Hong Kong.
  • Collaboration with Phonics Expert - Yolanda Soryl to create SharpPhonics.

Specialist Skills

Guided Reading Programmes
- reviews and training.

Behaviour Management
- reviews and training.

Expert Collaboration
Team up with educational experts and educational consultants to generate new teaching tools for teacher training.


Brian Parker in an office in Wellington

Initial Consultation

Setting the Direction

Setting the Direction

All initial discussions to ascertain your needs and set potential directions for professional development are a free service. Both you and I need to be confident expectations are understood and teacher training needs will be met. 

Brian consulting with a teacher in Hong Kong

Setting the Direction

Setting the Direction

Setting the Direction

Once a direction is set I will put together a formal teacher training plan and a matching schedule for us to manoeuvre into your calendar.  This process means, in principle, that you will engage my educational consultant services and an invoice based on daily rates will be sent.

Students learning to read in a guided reading group

Generate Independence

Setting the Direction

Generate Independence

Working with teachers and schools over a reasonable period of time to consolidate teacher training may be required.  However as an educational consultant the goal is to give you the tools to  quickly develop independence as a teacher or educational provider. 

Contact Me

Get in Touch

How can I help?

I understand that each teacher, like each school has needs that are unique to them. Tell me more about your teacher training issue (eg. guided reading),  educational goal or wondering and I will get back to you with solutions we can discuss.


Sumner, Christchurch, Canterbury Region, New Zealand

+64 (021) 045-4458